As per the rules of this world, I need to make a disclaimer about earnings that I receive directly from my website gazjohnson.com

It’s called transparency, or, not pulling the wool over peoples eyes.

Basically, I’m an affiliate marketer and reviewer, and in that capacity I do link out to some of the products I recommend. Linking out means I hope you will click the link, go to the product, and buy it.

Now, if you do that, I am likely to receive a commission from the seller. But only if you buy the product. Be sure that you will not be charged any more from buying the product through my link. In fact, I can sometimes negotiate a lower price from the seller.

There also may be some banners or other advertising scattered around the website. This will usually be products that have a link to the sellers website. Again, if you click on that link, go to the sellers website, and buy the product – I receive a commission.

Not all links are affiliate links, many go to recommend articles/blogs that I believe may be of interest to the reader.

I hope these statements assure you that I’m not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes. I aim to be totally transparent in my business and about my earning from this website.

Thank You

Gaz Johnson