Five Figure Freedom Review – Not So Newbie Friendly!

Five figure Freedom Review

Two successful internet marketers have got together to produce and promote Five Figure Freedom. They promise it’s a step-by-step course that allows you to make big, big money…in less than an hour a day.

There is no doubt that these guys are making tons of cash with Justin Spence running several personal training courses and now Brendan Mace also stepping into the one-on-one coaching niche.

Both are players in the Internet Marketing world, so maybe I should have been more upbeat about this course…but I’m not. Read my review about the Five Figure Freedom course below and make your own mind up. (Video Here).

Five Figure Freedom Breakdown

Creator(s) – Justin Spencer & Brendan Mace

Product Name – Five Figure Freedom

What’s it About? – Building Lists, Selling Solo Ads

The Hook – Step-By-Step Method For Building A 5 Figure Monthly Income In Less Than 1 Hour Daily

Cost: $6.33 – $1997

Front End – $6.33 – $8.95

Upsell One – $27 down to $13

Upsell Two – $67 down to $37

Upsell Three – $97 down to $47

Upsell Four – $1997 down to $197

Where Do I Get This Course?Sales Page

The Five Figure Freedom Modules

1 – Overview (13.34)
The first video module runs through the stages of Five Figure Freedom and explains the tools and methods you will need. You quickly realise your gonna have to spend money to make this work, along with jumping on a steep learning curve.

2 – Create Your Own Product (13.38)
Goes through what would be the best approach and subject to create your own product. Justin shows you some of his products as an example and it’s here that you learn that you don’t necessarily need your own product. Also worth noting – you realise Justin has a coffee addiction problem!

3 – Creating Sales Letter (13.37)
This module shows examples of good sales pages that convert and advises how to apply the right sales talk for your product. No denying, Justin can write great copy!

4 – Your Squeeze Pages (12.44)
You need a great Squeeze Page for your product and Justin shows you how to build one with Click Funnels. He also goes on to show examples of squeeze pages that convert well.

five figure freedom brendan mace and justin spencer

5 – Follow Up Emails (11.15)
This video module takes you through how to write good follow-up emails with examples given. The coffee is really kicking in now!

6 – Connecting Things Together (4.55)
An overview of how far we’ve got in the course. Also included is a tutorial on how to set up your payment buttons so everything connects. Your funnel should now be ready to go.

7 – Getting Traffic (10.18)
You’ll want to start driving traffic to your funnel now and Justin shows you where to start buying that traffic. The first stop is his own Solo Ads FB page. He then gives more examples and ideas to network. We also look at places where YOU can sell your very own Solo Ads…you know..from that massive list you’ve built!

Five Figure Freedom Course

8 – Link Tracking (10.03)
Tracking your links is very important in any business, especially if you’re going to be buying and selling Solo Ads. Here we see examples from Justin Spencer’s very own account. He uses ClickMagick and shows you how to set up your own links. I use Clickmagick myself for my PPC campaigns and I can’t speak highly enough about that platform.

9 – Wrapping it all up (4.33)
As it says, looking over what can be done. Justin does imply that all this can be up and running in 5 days or less…I very much doubt that…not for a newbie anyway. He does go on to sell himself here, offering one-on-one coaching which you can finds in the upsells.

What about the Bonuses?

One thing to note here…Brendan Mace doesn’t appear once in these videos, but can be found selling the upsells?

The bonuses inside the Five Figure Freedom course are nothing to get excited about. But there is a useful link to Brendan Mace’s YouTube channel. If you haven’t already subscribed to it, I recommended you do. He has a lot of useful stuff on there.

The other bonuses include an ebook entitledBudgets to Bailing’ a guide to ‘Triple Your List Profits Overnight’ a ‘2-minute squeeze page kit‘, an invitation to the ‘Friends of Freedom’ Facebook group (apparently worth $97?), and some software that promises to build a website, add content, drive traffic and build an email list..Hmmm!

I’ve never been a fan of bonuses unless they really do add value. The above doesn’t (apart from the link to Brendan Mace’s YouTube channel).

The FFF Funnel

I don’t make any excuses to show the sales funnel for the Five Figure Freedom course…it’s what it is and if you buy the course, you’ll go through it anyway!

five figure freedom funnel

Those upsells are as follows:

  1. Justin Spencer’s 30 Best Campaigns
  2. Done For You Money Page By Brendan Mace
  3. 1-Hour Direct Talk With Justin Spencer
  4. Brendan Mace 1-on-1 coaching

All have their merits if you want to take things further. Personal coaching is expensive but reaps rewards so much quicker. Therein lies the problem for most newbies…they can’t afford it!

Five Figure Freedom Review & My Opinion

Finally..the review!

Five Figure Freedom Justin Spencer and Brendan Mace These guys must have (conveniently) forgotten what it takes to build a massive list to be able to sell Solo Ads.

Especially if you’ve never tried before. Or even creating a product about teaching others how to make money online, when in all truth, being a newbie, you simply don’t.

But Justin says if you don’t have your own product to collect emails/buyers, use PLR instead. The idea of selling PLR as your own is not new, but you have to have an up-to-date product that offers superb value for money…most PLR isn’t able to do this.

Creating your own course/product that you can sell (to ultimately collect emails) will take time. Outsourcing it will cost you money. Building a good Opt-in Page and sales funnel that will convert well…will cost you money (click funnels is $97 a month, with other good stand-alone page builders from $47 and up).

It’s no good building a funnel that looks dodgy, after all, who will buy your product if your Opt-in and funnel pages look crap?

Then there’s the tracking software you will need, around $17 a month or more.

Already, for a newbie, it’s quite an expensive journey so far and they haven’t even started buying traffic yet!

That leads me to the traffic source that enables your product to get sold in its thousands. Solo Ads.

I don’t care what anyone says; a newbie without deep pockets, a great sales funnel and a unique product to sell will struggle to gain anything from Solo Ads…just another way to lose money.

Five Figure Freedom Reviews

Solo Ads can cost a newbie a pretty penny if they haven’t got their game nailed down. At the lowest end of pricing, 40c to 50c clicks can be obtained but they’re probably not even tier-one clicks.

The idea behind the Five Figure Freedom course is to build a big buyers list. If the product you’ve created is of poor value, then at least you’ll get their email which is what it’s all about. But then again, if your product is crap, they’ll soon unsubscribe. You want a buyers list, not a tyre kicking list.

Remember, I’m looking at the Five Figure Freedom course from the newbie’s point of view and with that, I could not recommend this course.

For More Experienced Marketers?

For those with a little more experience, or who have dabbled in the Solo Ads market before, this might be something to replicate to bolster your experience.

There is no doubt that selling Solo Ads is very lucrative and once you’ve made a name for yourself, you will definitely earn the five figure freedom that the course promises, but I feel even intermediate internet marketers will find it difficult to get very far with this kind of training.

If you ARE serious about getting into solo ads, then the upsells of personal training from Justin or Brendan may be worth your time looking into, especially if you have some spare cash lying around and don’t know what to do with it.

From a newbie’s perspective, you should, in my opinion, save your money from buying the Five Figure Freedom Course.

To be perfectly honest, if you’re looking at trying solo ads out for traffic or attempting product creation and list building, then I would much rather recommend Brendan’s own little course called Zero Hour Work Days.

It’s a lot more newbie-friendly and does make a lot of sense. Brendan teaches well and his ZHWD course is a lot easier to apply than most.

With that, I hope you understand that my review of the Five Figure Freedom course is to be seen through the eyes of an Internet Marketing newbie. More experienced marketers may find the course an interesting read and at around $7 it won’t break the bank.

If you would like to give it a go, or you feel you’re ready to move up a notch, then go here for the sales page and video of Five Figure Freedom.

Five Figure Freedom
  • 4.5/10
    Quality Of Material - 4.5/10
  • 2/10
    Can This Be Achieved (For Newbies) - 2/10
  • 5/10
    Easy to Understand - 5/10
  • 6/10
    OTO's Value - 6/10
  • 5.5/10
    Front End Value - 5.5/10


The score is low because I’ve reviewed Five Figure Freedom from a newbies perspective (which is what the sales page implies). I’m not out to diss the product, it’s just that the course seemed rushed and would fit into the ‘too good to be true’ style of promotion. For more experienced marketers, it may offer some value as we can see inside a top Internet Marketers mindset and realise we have to put a lot more work into our business to get to where the big bucks are.

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  1. Gaz thank you for the review. I wish I had read it before I purchased! It really is misleading and I’m surprised as I have been a Brendan customer and follower. It is a real long-term project.

    • Yes, I was also surprised Brendan put his name to this one? He’s one of the better marketers out there and usually gives good advice to newbies. This course is not for people who’ve just started out in this business.

      Thanks for popping by!


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