Five Minute Profit Sites Quick Review – Ridiculous Claims!

Oh my God! Are we back in 2010? This new Clickbank product called ‘Five Minute Profit Sites‘ reminds me so much of Google Sniper back in the day.

five minute profit sites review for 5 minute profit sites

The difference was that Google Sniper did actually work if you put the effort in, and the promise of making big bucks was the same. But this FMPS doesn’t teach you anything.

5 minute profit sites claim to be able to make you $500+ A DAY by using simple little websites (Sales Pages) and 23 minutes a day of your time. Oh FFS, get real! Sorry about the implied language, but I haven’t been an online marketer for 8 years to swallow such unfounded bullshit.

For anyone on the verge of buying into the five minute profit sites spiel, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to get a grip on reality and stop believing that these sorts of claims will make you rich. They won’t, dude, they won’t.

(Did I just say dude?)

Anyhoo, if you did buy the five minute profit sites, be prepared for a huge disappointment.

What Is The Five Minute Profit Sites Package?

Well, you pay your $37 and receive a ‘free’ license for the software to build your sites. That $37 is really for them to host your $500 profit site (sorry, I can’t help sniggering) and build your one-page sales page. You’ll then be in the member’s area where you can pick a limited genre or niche product to stick on your ‘profit’ site to promote.

You click a button for the app/software to generate your tiny ‘website’. You then stick an autoresponder code in and you’re away. They forgot to mention you HAVE to have an autoresponder for this to ‘work’. That’ll be an extra 20 bucks a month at least. They recommended the Aweber free TRIAL to start you off. If you haven’t dealt with autoresponders before, that’s a learning curve to combat straight away!

All this means is that you don’t own the ‘site’, you are just renting hosting space to try and collect emails through a dodgy funnel.

What’s The Big Secret Sauce?

The secret is affiliate marketing. Yup, affiliate frikin’ marketing!

Pick a Clickbank product, get your link, add it to your ‘website’ and collect email subscribers and possible commissions.

I suppose if you’re a newbie you might be taken in by all this, but someone with a bit of online knowledge will tell you to ‘stay the F away’

The big thing missing here, and it’s a bit of a doozy, is traffic. No matter what they claim they can do, they can’t get you the traffic you need to earn $500 a day…honestly, they can’t. They can’t even get you traffic to earn you $5 a month, let alone a day!

There will be so many refunds for the five minute profit sites deal, that it’s ridiculous even thinking of promoting it being the affiliate marketer I am.

Besides, why would I promote such a crappy method?

Just A Smash And Grab Promotion

5 minute profit sites reviewsThen there are the upsells for those goofy enough to buy the ¬£37 software front end. You will be offered ‘FMPS Faster Profits‘ at $197, then ‘FMPS Double Your Profit Sales‘ for $187, then a down-sell to $137, and finally, before you lose the will to live, the ‘FMPS Traffic Tsunami‘ for $97. That’s over $500 if you’re the type of sucker to buy into this and you have deep pockets.

There is a refund policy, but by the time you mess around with all this and wake up every morning hoping/expecting to see your bank account swell, all excited, that time period will be over.

They’ve made their money and so have the affiliates who’ve promoted this dross.

What bugs me is that it gives people false hope and then further hits them with disappointment. Not fair.

Now, there has been quite an investment into this product. By that, I mean the Five Minute Profit Sites creators have spent time using actors, a good sales page, decent copy, plenty of affiliate resources, and a coder for their software…so they mean business. There must be an audience for it, right?

Well, unfortunately there is and it’s pretty sneaky of the creators of FMPS to go after easy money from the wide-eyed, ‘get me rich quick‘ folks out there. And yes, there are plenty of them.

All this, of course, makes the product creator rich, and a few affiliates, who have no conscience, a few dollars better off.

By the way, most online marketers who write rubbish reviews of this system (and other systems), are marketers promoting the Wealthy Affiliate product. This is, as near as dammit, an MLM product that makes money by using their own platform to get affiliates to sell and promote… ‘Wealthy Affiliate’. Oh, and the Jaaxy keyword tool too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a much better option than the 5 minute profit sites system to make money because at least they do train you in affiliate marketing to a certain level, but at the end of the day, it’s the Wealthy Affiliate product they’re all selling…all of them. One big loop.

So, back to this Five Minute Profit Sites System.

Evidence of Bullshit

five minute profit sites reviewYou only have to look at the sales page to see the wild claims. Just look at the image here. Look at those thousands and thousands of dollars! Really?

$127,658,01 in current sales and $411,107.74 from the previous month! The tab at the bottom shows vendors (product creators), not affiliates (you)..and it’s false anyway. They can’t even get that right.

The videos and screenshots on their sales page have been manipulated for their outrageous claims. Paid actors are used along with stock photos/videos.

Then there are the scarcity tactics. The ‘Don’t let someone steal your place‘ or ‘we don’t know how long we can offer this‘ stuff – Total nonsense.

And then we come to the frustrating exit pages that offer you a 7-day trial. You have to close your browser to get away from it. Maddening!

Quick Run Through of Five Minute Profit Sites

  • Buy the Software/App for $37
  • Generate a sales page with a click
  • Sign up for a Clickbank Account
  • Choose Domain Name for your site (they supply)
  • Sign up for the Aweber autoresponder ‘FREE TRIAL’
  • Drive traffic using their tactics

That’s it.

The first 5 steps are just OK and can be done easily (but just wasting time) until you get to the last step.

Anyone can build a sales page with an offer to promote, anyone can get a domain name, and anyone can create a Clickbank and Aweber account but not everyone can drive traffic. So without traffic, this system is useless and your promotional page will be seen by absolutely no one.

Where’s The Hoard Of Hungry Buyers?

The 5 minute profit site system of driving traffic may have worked 6-8 years ago, but not these days.

Solo Ads! This is a bloody minefield and can eat into your budget pretty quickly. Did they mention you have to have a budget? Nah, didn’t think so. Other forms of traffic driving include forum posts, blog comments, Quora and Yahoo answers, Facebook groups, etc.

The only people who you will encounter are those who can smell a rat a mile away, then run, or people doing exactly the same as you.

To drive targeted traffic to any website you need quality content whilst using search engine optimization. And for the product, you’re promoting to be something of value to the visitor.

Will I Make Money with the Five Minute Profits Sites?

Not $500 a day you won’t. Listen, you may get the odd sale here and there from those daft enough to believe the overhyped product you’re promoting, but most of them will ask for a refund anyway. And if you buy the upsells, you’ll only end up out of pocket in the long run.

Clickbank products are notoriously bad fare. Yes, there are some products that are half decent, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Saying all this, there are still some people who are blinded by the sales page and really do believe they can make easy money online. These are the goofs the creators of FMPS go after. But I guess if they can live with themselves by ripping off innocent, well-meaning people, promising them the world then good luck to them. How do they sleep at night?

The answer? They do sleep at night and really aren’t bothered by what I, or other people, think. As long as they make money, right?

My Advice?

If you want to make money online, build your own website on a subject you are interested in. Or one you know a lot of stuff about.

Write good, informative posts every day. Connect your website with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, and YouTube accounts. Use them every day with links to your latest posts. Make attractive graphics using PicMoney or Canva.

Promote stuff you would find useful yourself. There are tons of products that can be affiliated with your website. You just need to search for them.

It took me about 4 years to realize this after getting caught up with the ‘too good to be true’¬†stuff.

I built 3 websites and just kept going with them. They now earn me a full-time income and it’s passive. Two of the websites I haven’t even touched for months, yet they still keep on paying me.

Don’t get caught up with this Five Minute Profit Sites nonsense. All you will get is angry and frustrated after realizing you were gullible enough to be taken for a fool. If you really want to see the sales page then click here, it’s not an affiliate link, just a naked link.

Does Five Minute Profit System Work?

Nope. And while I’m here, as you can guess I’m not an affiliate for them or for Wealthy Affiliate. There are no links in this post that are affiliated. Not even the PicMonkey or Canva ones.

I’ve been lazy over the last 6 months or so and have been taking it easy…too easy! I made this website to help chase out the bad side of affiliate marketing. I do my own stuff elsewhere on the Internet and only use this site to help others. Now, I know I’ve not been around for a few months, but I aim to write more posts about the good, and the bad, of Affiliate Marketing.

I also want to steer people away from products like the five minute profit sites. It may take you a while to build up a passive income, but when it starts…the wait is well worth it!

Scores On The Doors…
  • Newbie Friendly
  • Will it Make Money?
  • Value Of Course
  • Training
  • A Proper Business?


Look, just don’t be taken in by the sales page. It will hook you into thinking the Five Minute Profit Sites system will make you rich…it won’t. Apart from that, there are added expenses such as an Autoresponder and Solo Ads to consider. Using both needs a pretty steep learning curve for a newbie. You will have to write convincing emails to people who have subscribed to you…if you get any subscribers, that is! That’s an art in itself. Then you have to negotiate with Solo Ad sellers. In the beginning, these can cost you at least 50 cents a click until you get to know them and then it might come down to 30 cents a click. You have to buy these in batches of 300+. That can be hundreds of dollars away from where you are now…and that’s being conservative!
As with all these types of products, they leave an awful lot of stuff out, leaving the newbie confused and stranded.

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