Instant Traffic Jacker Review (Brutal!)

instant traffic jacker review

Instant Traffic Jacker is another product recently released in the make money online niche using a ‘secret traffic source’ along with affiliate marketing.

I bought this to review for you folks out there who want to know if the strategy is real or just another course that thinks we were all born yesterday.

Reviewing this stuff allows me to give newbies my honest appraisal of the products they’re about to shell out hard cash for. I take the headlines, go through the course and give a conclusion formed by my 6 years online as a full time Internet Marketer.

To show my reviews are truthful, I don’t include affiliate links to the products I don’t recommend. There are no affiliate links in this review. Find out why below.

The Lowdown on Instant Traffic Jacker

Creator(s) – Leigh & Glynn Kosky (gkmarketing)

Product Name – Instant Traffic Jacker

What’s it About? – Affiliate Marketing

The Hook‘Discover How This Untapped Free Traffic Goldmine Puts An Extra $100+ Into Your Pocket Every Single Day – On Complete AutoPilot!’

FE – $7.41 (FE DS – $6.95)

OTO1 – $37.00 (OTO1 DS – $17.00)

OTO2 – $27.00 (OTO2 DS – $17.00)

OTO3 – $17.00 (OTO3 DS – $7.00)

OTO4 – $197.00 (OTO4 DS – $97.00)

Where Do I Get This Course?Sales Page

(Note: There are No Affiliate Links on this page)

instant traffic jacker

Instant Traffic Jacker Introduction

Having shelled out the $6.95 for the course and negotiating through the myriad of upsells, I enter the member’s area. I NEVER buy upsells first time around…I always go through the course to see how good (or bad) the training is first. Then, if I’m happy and NEED an OTO, they’re always there anyway.

The first thing I see when I get inside the member’s area if the introduction video. I think it’s Glynn talking and he’s saying I could make a ludicrous amount of money if I take action with his Instant Traffic Jacker course.

Straightaway, he wants me to sign up for a webinar by Mr X. This webinar is being used by an infinite number of marketers and it’s not exclusive to Instant Money Jackers. The webinar, by the way, is just a long sales video with the hope of catching some emails and selling an expensive product.

The Bonuses

Then he goes on to suggest I sign up for all his bonuses. You know what I think of internet marketers and their bonuses, don’t you? Mostly useless PLR stuff, or a product offered by a ‘mate‘ in the MMO niche to collect emails and maybe buy their course. Bonuses in this business are mostly 98% pure garbage.

Bearing in mind, he’s already pointing me towards other ways to make money online instead of telling me about the course I’ve just paid for. I take a look at these bonuses, and, as usual…nothing here to get excited about.

The unadvertised bonuses further down the page are even worse. He then gives me a warning about refunds. He says too many buyers are becoming serial refunders of his products…I wonder why? Also, he threatens to blacklist those serial refunders from his future courses and from Warrior+. One idea would be to make better products so hardly any refunds happen…surely?

Anyway, I digress.

instant traffic jacker members area

The Instant Traffic Jacker Video

This 4-minute video reveals the ‘secret‘ traffic course…wait for it…YouTube! The Traffic Jacker is IFTTT.

How the hell can this be a secret traffic source? Even a 4-year old knows that getting traffic to offers via YouTube has been around since it began 12 years ago! Whilst IFTTT has only been around for a couple of years, most people know about it, surely!

IFTTT stands for If-This-Then-That. It’s a sort of domino effect for spreading news around your social bookmarks. There’s more to it than that, and it’s a clever tool.

In my eyes, they’re both no secret.

He then goes on to say there are 2 different types of people who will use, or see, this course. Shiny Object Syndrome seekers and those who take action. He then has a go at those SOS people who don’t take action and still remain clueless.

The video is just a lead into the actual course that is a downloadable PDF from a link inside the member’s area. Then underneath this video there is a link to buy the video version of the PDF. I didn’t bother.

Perhaps I’ve been too critical so far…let’s get into what’s in that PDF

The Instant Traffic Jacker PDF

The Instant Traffic Jacker PDF guide is 68 pages long and in large font. Now, I can’t give away everything in this PDF, because of copyright, but I can tell you the gist of it.

Again, there is a warning in the first few pages about action taking. Those who just glance at the PDF and move on will never get anywhere but those who take action and digest the info and put it into practice will win!

I must be one of those who just glance and not take action then? Gee…now I know where I’ve been going wrong all these years.

(Oops, sarcasm, Gaz…lowest form of wit!)

instant traffic jacker download
Wow! What a Saving! (sarcasm again!)

So, without going into too much detail about the course, here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect.

  • Choose an offer to promote as an affiliate (they show you how)
  • Keyword Research using free tools (just the tools, not the research)
  • Using a Chrome Plugin to get info on YouTube videos
  • Making Videos for your chosen product promotion
  • Choosing the right tools to use for making your video (choosing, not using)
  • Setting up your YouTube channel for best results
  • How to upload your video for best results
  • Use YouTube ‘live’ (Ugh!)
  • Using IFTTT

Using live YouTube and Wirecast, as suggested in this course, will likely be beyond a brand new marketer to this business…to do this right you need experience in this field. It’s not as easy as the course implies.

Using IFTTT is a good idea. IFTTT is a great tool for getting your stuff ‘out there‘ but understand that it takes a bit of getting used to and you must open several accounts for it to work properly i.e. twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and a ton of others. I wouldn’t use it for more than 8. Using more can be detrimental to your campaigns…whatever they are.


This is probably the best thing about the Instant Traffic Jacker course, but I wouldn’t use IFTTT for videos unless those videos are stellar and are constructed well.

Being a newbie to making videos, using YouTube live and using IFTTT is not a practical option.

If you’re a newbie to all this, you must ask yourself, ‘could I make a great video that looked professional that gives incredible value?’

I couldn’t do that and I’ve been using YouTube for over 6 years!

You need experience to pull this off. If you DO want to go down the line of video marketing (I didn’t and won’t) then something like the IFTTT & YouTube live could be useful. But a complete newbie will struggle…and that’s why I make my reviews, they’re for new people to Internet Marketing.

instant traffic jacker claims

Some crazy claims right there…!

So basically you find an offer from an affiliate or CPA network that pays you a commission for selling their stuff. You then make a video about the product, using a strategy I can’t reveal, but it uses YouTube ‘Live’. Then, get that video link placed into IFTTT for maximum exposure.

This kind of course is supposed to be aimed at the total newcomer, so I feel it’s unfair of the creators to have such a blatant sales page that promises riches to a complete newcomer.

See some of the sales copy?

  • ‘This SUPER Simple, Newbie-Friendly System’
  • ‘you certainly don’t need any prior online money making experience’
  • ‘Even if you are an absolute beginner, You Can Do This’

Note – I must admit that the sales copy, especially lower down, is one of the biggest piles of bullshit I’ve ever read. But to a newbie, it’s crazily enticing.

Back to the PDF

One of the statements says “Just remember if you send targeted traffic to a high quality persuasive video you will send them to highly optimised sale pages that convert and will pay you great commissions.”

Theory yes, practical for a newbie, No.

The resources section in this PDF is quite good as they list a number of websites and tools that are useful for Internet Marketing.

Instant Traffic Jacker Conclusion

In my opinion Instant Traffic Jacker is asking too much for a newbie to implement straight out the gate, Anyone new to this business will struggle here.

In a strange way, I can see that paying the $7 for this course might be OK as it does introduce you to IFTTT and the Chrome plugin…and the resources area was good.

And they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee,

What I object to is the crazy sales pitch, the useless bonuses, the over selling of other marketer’s products, and the huge promise that anyone can make a sustainable income with this theory.

The strategy has been around for a while, so it can be termed as rehashed stuff. If you do buy Instant Traffic Jacker, then just realise it’s likely to take a lot of time, patience and experience to make it work…something the sales pitch doesn’t suggest.

And you must be good at Video making.

That’s the one thing that will make this work…make impressive videos about a product that is the bees knees. Stumbling through a video about reversing diabetes won’t work and is likely to kill your reputation as an internet marketer.

The Instant Traffic Jacker Upsells

instant traffic jacker upsells

Front End ($7.41 – $6.95) Instant Traffic Jacker
A 68 page PDF of the Instant Traffic Jacker

OTO 1 ($37/$17) – Instant Traffic Jacker VIDEO COURSE
This is the video version of the PDF that compliments the Front End product.

OTO 2 ($27/$17)
The Zero Cost System Setup Guide + Traffic Rolodex that is a guide to setting up your own business.

OTO 3  ($17/$7)
Email Marketing Course + DFY Email Swipes (Custom Written For Solo Ads). A video course on how to run successful email campaigns with swipes etc. for solo ads.

OTO 4 ($197/$97)
License Rights To The Instant Traffic Jacker Sales Funnel + SKYPE Consultation

instant traffic jacker pdf

Final Summary of Instant Traffic Jacker

Not for newbies. But if you’re into Video Marketing and have been for a while, then using the tactics shown in the course will bring traffic to your offers. And there’s the rub; this is aimed at newbies who may well struggle to implement the strategy.

The worst thing was the Sales pitch and the usual scarcity tactics used to bully an unsuspecting newcomer to buy. It made me cringe.

Latest Update:

The Commission MagnetIt seems that there is a ‘NEW’ product that has been released by gkmarketing.

They use the same graphics for their ‘The Commission Magnet’ WSO sales page released on 6th February 2017 as they did for Instant Traffic Jacker.

Needless to say, I won’t be buying ‘The Commission Magnet’ because if it’s the same level of training as Instant Traffic Jacker, I wouldn’t be impressed!

If anyone is prepared to prove me wrong, please do so. (Or I might just buy it and do a review later in the week…it’s only a coupla bucks!)

Let me know if you want an honest appraisal of the Commission Magnet below.

Update: I got The Commission Magnet and the Full Review is Here.

Instant Traffic Jacker
  • 3/10
    Quality of Material - 3/10
  • 2.5/10
    Can This Be Achieved (For Newbies) - 2.5/10
  • 5/10
    Easy To Understand - 5/10
  • 4/10
    OTO's Value - 4/10
  • 6/10
    Front End Value - 6/10


Partly interesting for the inclusion of the half tutorial on IFTTT. No good if you’re a complete newbie, but may come in useful once you’ve managed Video Marketing.

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