Madsense Reborn Review 2016/17 All Hype?

Madsense Reborn Review

I really, really wanted to like Madsense Reborn, not only because it’s about time we had a new Adsense course to go at, but I also like Abdullah, the guy who takes the training…he’s a trier.

But, I was left disappointed, not on the idea and theory, but on the presentation and lack of proof.

If Abdullah had spent more time explaining his methods, he would probably have had a decent course on his hands.

Also be aware that Madsense Reborn has just been re-branded from the course he produced almost a year ago, Sixth Sense Secrets. This could have been his chance to really improve its quality but it’s just the exact same course, as was, back in March 2016.

Onto the course and it’s aimed at newbies to Google Adsense, and presumably, for a newbie to Facebook ads also.

Find out why I found the hyped-up claims to be very questionable and what my overall opinion was in my detailed, probably too long,  Madsense Reborn Review below.

Madsense Reborn Breakdown

Creator(s) – Tom Yevsikov, Abdullah Ashraf, Gaurab Borah

Product Name – Madsense Reborn

What’s it About?Adsense, Facebook ads

The Hook“Got $5 To Spend On Traffic? Let’s Turn That Into A $7,898.99/Month Pure Profit 30 Minutes/Day Business…Using A Simple Adsense + Rapid Traffic Formula That Will Work For You Even If You’re A Complete Newbie!”

Cost: $27.00 – $270.95

Front End – $27.00

Upsell One – $67.00

Upsell Two – $47.00

Upsell Three – $127.00

Where Do I Get This Course? – *You Can’t! – It’s been trashed from JVZoo!

Madsense Reborn Review 2016/17

First, what do you get for your $27?

You get 5 main modules with a handful of bonuses in the member’s area. The modules are divided into 24 videos, mostly showing setups and ‘inside’ views of Abdullah Ashraf’s Facebook and Adsense accounts.

Module 1 Setting Up (9 videos)

Off we go. This first module involves finding and setting up a domain name, your hosting account, installing WordPress, buying the recommended WP theme ($59), setting that up, then onto setting up a Facebook Page to use with your website, and finally, setting up your websites home page.

The theme used is the Newspaper Theme which I must admit is a terrific theme and totally customizable. Although Abdullah shows you the basic setup, it doesn’t deter you from the fact that it is quite a confusing theme to work with, especially if you’re a newbie. It will also set you back $59.

madsense reborn review 2016

The theme is worth the money though, but it’s a bit pricey, especially when the sales blurb for Madsense Reborn implies you only need $5 to startup?

The module then goes on to show how you set up the secret file you must upload via an FTP client. Again, not very newbie-friendly. Besides that, the actual file is of no great shakes and I don’t really see the need for it?

The 10 videos in module one, have a rushed feeling about them. I know the website is only going to be used for Adsense ads, and for trending content, but a little more time could have been spent on a more detailed explanation or, better still, a slower walkthrough. Remember, this is supposed to be aimed at newbies.

I’ve installed websites for years so I can understand the lingo, but for someone new, I can see them pausing the video time and time again…especially with the logo production where he uses Photoshop. Setting up the Homepage of the theme is also a bit rushed. It’s all here but could have been done better.

Finding Content That Goes Viral

Module 2 Content (3 videos)

Content research, uploading it, and rewriting it.

Remember the Madsense Reborn blurb about only needing 5 bucks? Well, if you were to play along with this strategy, you may need Buzz Sumo ($99 per month) to find the needed content. They say it isn’t necessary, but I can see it would make this job easier in the long run.

Abdullah suggests you copy and paste the viral content you find in Buzz Sumo straight onto your own site. He does touch on leaving a credit, but doesn’t push the idea. He also recommends you rewrite it IF it goes viral.

madsense reborn reviews

I’m not letting the cat out of the bag here, you still have to see what sort of content he recommends you lift for viral attention, and he does explain this bit well. I’m not giving the Madsense Reborn ‘secrets’ away, that would be unethical.

I would suggest that using content is fine IF you credit the source, rewriting would be better. But, here’s a big no-no. He uses images straight from Google search and that’s not a good idea.

There are copyrights attached to most images on the web, so I don’t understand why they didn’t suggest using Pixabay images where no attribution is needed. If you’re going to mess with Google and their Adsense program, it’s best not to steal other people’s images.

Messing With The Big Guns?

madsense reborn scamIt’s unlikely you will ever be caught, but why take the risk? Say you’ve made this strategy work and you have a few grand sitting in your Adsense account…but then one day, your account is shut down on violation terms.

Google Adsesne can be a fickle beast and you shouldn’t poke it with a stick…rather, pet it like a treasured pet, especially if you have moolah at risk!

Abdullah does later say in a sort of disclaimer that you should just steal all your content to begin with and if it becomes profitable, then get it rewritten. Later on, he goes on to say he honestly believes you should produce your own content from the start. Go figure?

I’m not letting any cats out of the bag here, you still have to know what type of content to look for and where to put it and he does go into detail of how you search for that possible viral content.

Module 3 Adsense (5 videos)

This module goes through setting up your account with Google Adsense…although he just tells you to get on with it and apply for an account without showing examples.

Yes, it’s very easy to do but some newbies out there who’ve bought Madesene Reborn may not have applied for anything else online! He then goes into how to insert ad codes on your website and gives a walkthrough of his Adsense account, pointing out what the stats mean…some of this is wrong and he’s quite vague about it too.

We then see where to place the ads on the site. Quite important. Moving on, he shows how to set up a way to track each page of your site (for visitors and other stats) within your Adsense control centre. This is useful to know and something, I admit, I didn’t know beforehand. So I learned something!

What About Madsense Reborn Traffic?

Module 4 Facebook Ads (7 videos)

The first video is about setting up a Business Facebook account. I’ve never done this before and it’s all new to me. I would have appreciated a run-through but again, no example is given. He says it’s easy, but I’d like an example nevertheless. Then he goes through what you can and cannot do with Facebook ads, such as Advertising Criteria.

This part is very detailed and he does a good job of explaining the do’s and don’ts of running Facebook ads.

Moving through the video, he shows where to find topics of different genres to target people on FB using websites such as Buzz Sumo. This turns out to be some useful information about targeting FB groups.


Abdullah then explains how to decipher whether there is an actual audience for the content he finds. He uses the Facebook Business Power Editor to do this and it’s clear he hasn’t used the platform for a while and struggles to get to grips with its new interface.

Finally, he switches back to the older version. Hey, we’ve all been there when a platform changes, but if you’re in it every day, you should be aware it’s actually happening soon!

After going through a theoretical Facebook ad campaign, he adds images to the ads. He uses Photoshop to enhance his images and suggests you do the same.

Bit Of A Learning Curve Needed

A massive learning curve and deep pockets are needed to do anything in Photoshop! Why not just use or; They’re free and a lot easier to use.

Next, we go through another walkthrough area of the FB power editor which totally confused me! Slow down Abdullah..explain what you’re actually doing!

He suggests that you ask his FB members group to answer the many queries you will have. Why not just explain it better in the video?

The last video in this module does actually go through a test campaign. He freely admits it might get a bit confusing….. and then says it’s simple. If you’ve bought this course and have got this far, I can see the pause button going into hyperdrive! Also, he could have picked a more cheerful subject for his test campaign too!

This was quite an interesting module in this Madsense Reborn course but should have been done with more care and with easier explanations.

This final video in the module was just under 20 minutes long, but to explain the content in detail would have taken more than an hour. Abdullah goes at 100mph and freely admits it!

madsense reborn review 2016

Now It Gets Confusing!

Module 5 Optimising & Scaling (5 videos)

Through these last 5 videos, he explains optimizing Age, Countries, Gender, and Ad breakdowns of the Facebook ad strategy and, finally, in the last video, scaling it all up. Be warned though, at the start of this module he says it might start to get a bit confusing! Wait…What!

And it is!

No wonder he keeps mentioning the need to go to the Facebook group for more help…you’ll need it!

There’s a lot of detail at speed in this module, the pause button will be in meltdown! It’s interesting stuff, but nothing really is learned.

That’s the general gist of what’s inside the Madsense Reborn Course.

What Are The Madsense Reborn Upsells?

The OTO’s are a DFY campaign costing $67 which includes case studies. The next OTO is a way to flip your Adsense sites for profit costing $47 and, finally, you can buy the Madsense Reborn complete funnel for $127 to sell as your own…which makes me suspicious. This is usually offered when the strategy of the product is close to being dead in the water!

And seeing as Madsense Reborn is already a re-branded product, I can’t really recommend a newbie purchasing the OTO’s or the course itself.

What Are The Madsense Reborn Bonuses?

Not much in the way of value here:

Unannounced Bonuses:
Bonus #1 – Register For LIVE Training Webinar
Bonus #2 – Quick Content Cheat sheet
Bonus #3 – Headline Secrets
…and 5 others not worth mentioning

Cheap and Nasty Bonuses:
FB Live Poll Case Study
Adsense Cash Cow
WP Swift Page
Native Advertising Exposed
Pinterest Profits Revealed
Viral Infographic Traffic
Facebook Live Authority
Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets
WP iAsk
WP Engage
WP Image

My Final Opinion Of Madsense Reborn

You will have to spend money, and quite a bit of it to just, hopefully, break even until you can master it. Using these methods, I doubt very much that you will master it.

Now, I know nothing about FB ads but after going through this course I can see that it is more interesting than profitable…I don’t intend ever to use Facebook ads for anything, but if I did I wouldn’t take much notice of this training.

I understand from other marketers that it can be very expensive and is fraught with dangers. And I can now see why.

After watching the Madsense Reborn campaign example and seeing his figures, I note that he profited very little for a lot of work done. This puts me off the Madsense Reborn idea of making money with Adsense.

It’s more or less just an arbitrage method. Get a payout from Adsense to pay for your FB ads and hope there is a profit in it. Hard to do.

Maybe using affiliate offers or CPA products over Adsense would make more sense?

I was left disappointed by Madsense Reborn. It sounds like such a good idea to target groups on Facebook that will respond to Viral content. I can see it working if you already have a huge following and a website full of great content, but for a total newbie to making it work at a starting cost of $5 is beyond anyone’s dreams.

madsense reborn otos

Where’s The Proof?

I was also disappointed that after all the hype about making several thousands of dollars with Madsense Reborn there was no proof of profitable income inside of the course. Surely if it was making money hand over fist, we would be shown the proof at every opportunity inside the training. As far as I could work out, the whole course didn’t profit above a few dollars. Hours of work done for pennies.

Now, if they would have shown a complete campaign that showed as big a profit as they say on the sales page, I would have been hooked.

But they didn’t.

Now you might think my Madsense Reborn review was a little hard on the course, but when you understand that the claims made in the sales page are HUGE, then I have to address that.

If I’d seen proof of huge income inside the course and found the training to be ‘do-able’ for a newbie then I would happily report it and eagerly apply the methods myself.

But I didn’t.

Other Madsense Reborn Reviews

I must also flag up some of the other reviews of Madsense Reborn doing the rounds at the moment. They disappoint me also.

I haven’t seen one where they actually go through the course in original detail. I also see an awful lot of bonuses being offered by the ‘buy through my link – get 10k bonus.” brigade The bonuses are rarely any good and only clutter your hard drive and are only offered as a way of claiming commission for promoting the product they’re ‘reviewing’.

Any review actively promoting Madsense Reborn in a 100% positive way must be treated with suspicion…in my own personal opinion, of course.

Be careful of false reviews.

No wonder those WSO and JV vendors refuse to let me promote their products!

If you have had success with Madsense Reborn, I urge you to comment below with any insights of this course that I may have missed!

Scores on the Doors

Madsense Reborn Review
  • 3.5/10
    Quailty Of Material - 3.5/10
  • 2/10
    Can This Be Achieved (For Newbies) - 2/10
  • 3.5/10
    Easy To Understand - 3.5/10
  • 4/10
    OTO's Value - 4/10
  • 3.5/10
    Front End Value - 3.5/10


It’s a pity the wild claims of the sales page can draw so many people in. The claims are quite outrageous. If, however, it was sold for your typical $6.95 WSO, it might have been worth it, if only to find out if these figures can be achieved. But at $27, I can’t recommend Madsense Reborn. And to offer it as newbie friendly is almost as crazy as the monetary claims.

10 thoughts on “Madsense Reborn Review 2016/17 All Hype?”

  1. Abdullah Ashraf and Tom Yevsikov are scammers. They scammed many out of almost $1000 each. I have the video and the written proof for anyone who wants it.

    • Hi Carl,

      I must admit I was taken in by Abdullah’s ‘brave’ efforts to make money with Madsense, but looking back on it now, not so much! I looked over the course again a few weeks ago, and it’s worse than I first thought…which is saying something!

  2. I wished i read it to before i joined. Dont waste your time with this bullshit .Abdullah will promise you that he will help you and he go back on his words. Really it takes a lot of work more than he say it takes and people thats in the inner circle all just disapeared within two weeks of the program. So that being said it do not work.

  3. i wish i had read your review before i bought it. madsense reborn is just a pile of crap just like you said gaz. keep up the good work


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