The Commission Magnet Review From The Inside

The Commission Magnet Review

After being pretty brutal about Leigh’s last product, I was hesitant to review his new one. But, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to have a look.

My reviews are pretty tough on the vendors (and their products) so I started off this review by blasting Leigh again, simply because I don’t like being sold to straight out of the gate!

But after clambering past the intro video (which I hated) things got a lot better and I ended up having quite a healthy respect for Leigh and his Commission Magnet product.

Read on to find out what turned me around on this very rare occasion!

The Lowdown on The Commission Magnet

Creator(s) – Leigh Kosky & Dr Abdullah (& gkmarketing)

Product Name – The Commission Magnet

What’s it About? – Affiliate Marketing with Instagram (video course)

The Hook‘Discover How You Can Make Over $900 This Week Using Our Proven Newbie-Friendly “100% FREE Money Generating System”…With ZERO Internet Experience And Zero Tech Skills’

FE – $9.95 (FE DS – $5.95)

OTO1 – $19.00 (OTO1 DS – $12.00)

OTO2 – $27.00 (OTO2 DS – $17.00)

OTO3 – $37.00 (OTO3 DS – $27.00)

OTO4 – $97.00 (OTO4 DS – $47.00)

Where Do I Get This Course?Sales Page

the commission magnet reviews

The Intro Video: Steps 1 & 2 (8.17)

The introduction video is all about selling to YOU and Leigh really sells his heart out here, creating scarcity left, right and centre to try and make you sign up for offers! His claims of making thousands of dollars with these lead-in programs are questionable at best! Ten thousand here, twenty thousand there…are you sure?

First, he asks me to sign up for the webinar with Mr X. This is a program that is basically a long video with a sales pitch at the end…Mr X indeed!

Then I’m asked to join a host of programs that he recommends. There are 4 to go at, none of them, in my opinion, are of any use to me.

For instance, the hosting company he’s promoting here might give you a free set up, but the hosting itself will cost you the bare minimum of $71.40. He didn’t mention that in the pitch did he?

Another recommendation is for an MLM program. If you’re into that then fine, but I’m certainly not and wouldn’t advise anyone to get into either…but that’s just my opinion.

After this sales fest, he finally mentions the course you’ve just bought along with his usual threat of not to use PayPal as your refund path. He will get you banned from Paypal. Warrior Plus, Clickbank, and possibly from entering your own country (OK, I made that last bit up),

But why so pissy over refunds?

Anyway, that’s  the intro, I only hope the rest of The Commission Magnet course is more upbeat and useful!

[alert-note]Note: The offers he implores you to join, by the way, are just his way of getting affiliate commissions. He is an Internet Marketer, so I can forgive him for trying. But be warned newbies…not all offers are after your best interests.[/alert-note]

Step 3 of the Commission Magnet

Module 1 – The Overview – (12.38)

This first module goes into detail of what you must do to make this course work for you. It’s more of a motivational video about Internet Marketing and he’s quite right in what he says. You must follow through with what is being coached. He also gives you 3 vital tips that every marketer should use to succeed online.

Right or wrong, you’ll only find out if the system works if you actually take action and follow it through.

the commission Magnet creators

Module 2 – The Great Offers (13.58)

Choosing an offer to promote. It sounds as if he’s reading out loud from his notes. Quite systematic, with no real passion shown. Maybe it’s me?

Basically, he shows you how to find a niche that you feel comfortable promoting. that is in demand and is evergreen. This is basic stuff for intermediate markers, but fine for newbies. It would have been nice if he would have shown some examples via his screen, instead it’s just slides and text.

Module 3 – Creating Landing Pages For Free (30.09)

A long video about creating landing pages and explanations about funnels and autoresponders.

This is actually a pretty good video and well explained. He shows you how to set up a landing page inside Aweber, so it’s not an altogether free way, but as you’re already paying for an autoresponder, you might as well use its inbuilt features too. It’s not a perfect solution for landing pages, but it not a bad option.

Module 4 – How To Create Follow Up Series That Works (17.51)

All about follow up emails for your new subscribers. He speaks of easy ways to find relevant emails and setting up your autoresponder. This is good advice for newbies who are trying to get used to having real subscribers. Leigh also advises how to manually write emails if you want to go the personal route. (Which you should do). This was, again, a well explained video.

But getting subscribers needs traffic. This is where the next video comes into action.

Now It Gets Interesting!

Module 5 – How To Get Insane Amounts of Free Traffic (39.21)

Another long video with good information about the traffic source…Instagram. This is ultimately not about shout-outs, it’s about creating an account and using it for your traffic.

There is also a run through of using Gramblr which is a pretty cool program to use on your desktop with Instagram. Another plus is a quick tutorial about using Canva (a favourite tool I use often) as your online image creator and editor. It really is a great tool.

The last part of the video does touch on some black hat tactics that I wasn’t too keen on. But it’s a cut throat world out there, so I fully expected BH tactics to be included somewhere!

All in all, a good video and I learned a fair bit about Instagram….Bonus!

The commission magnet members area

Module 6 – How To Get Super Targeted Traffic (13.22)

The next video in this Commission Magnet review is about using paid traffic including a section on the dreaded solo ads! I’m not a big fan of solo ads, I’m sure they’re on their last legs as an influencer. Also, for a newbie, it can get expensive and is a pretty daunting area to invade right out the gate.

Leigh does go through the pitfalls of solo ads and does warn what can happen. If you are using solo ads  you will need a tracker for your link reports and Leigh goes over this too.

Module 7 – Exactly What You Need To Do (22.19)

A full recap of the course. If you’ve watched the first 6 videos, this one will put them altogether in one go as a condensed view. It acts as a reminder of what you just been through.

Module 8 – Module 8 – What We Did (15.30)

Another recap video but this one is more visual than text as in the previous module. Wow!…talk about ramming the nail home! But, I think that’s a good thing. Too many courses don’t do this and leave you hanging. Newbies will appreciate these last two modules as they drive home what’s just happened.

Module 9 – Module 9 – Frequently Asked Questions (33.23)

Quite a valuable video, especially for newbies. It also acts as a reminder for marketers who are not making money online and the possible reason why. A host of Q&A’s about the business and a motivational 10 minutes blast at the end.

Good stuff and I agree with almost all of what Leigh says here. I feel I know this guy better now, it’s a pity the intro and crazy sales talk got me off to a bad start with this Commission Magnet review.

Bonuses and Upsells

The unadvertised bonuses are the usual suspects of PLR and sign-ups, but interestingly, you can download 6 of Leigh previous courses as well as a free ebook copy of Napoleon Hills ‘Think and Grow Rich!

I didn’t get any of them because I won’t be marketing The Commission Magnet way, so I can’t comment. But as with all upsells, if you find the FE good, and you want more of the same, the option is always open for you to upgrade via the members area.

Looking at the upsells tells me there may be some value, but I’ve seen very little in the way of real value in the last 30 or so WSO’s I’ve seen. No reason why this one is different to them.

The commission magnet funnel

Upsell Details:

OTO 1 ($19/$12)
Done For You Package

OTO 2 ($27/$17)
Email Marketing Course + DFY Email Swipes (Custom Written For Solo Ads)

OTO 3 ($37/$27)
High Paying Affiliate Program Database + List of Lead Magnets

OTO 4 ($97/$47)
License Rights To The Commission Magnet Funnel + SKYPE Consultation

My Opinion of The Commission Magnet:

the commission magnet summaryI must admit (being the curmudgeonly fellow I am) after giving Leigh’s last product a lashing, The Commission Magnet was a pleasant surprise!

After surviving the onslaught of offers and sign-ups in the Intro video, the course leveled out to produce some really interesting and useful ideas.

In particular, I liked the Instagram module and also appreciated the time given and clear explanations in the recap modules along with the FAQ final module. These I can see as being invaluable for newbies who are sometimes left hanging at the end of a course.

The system is not for me though, I wouldn’t like to spend all that time creating Instagram images, or going through solo ads etc. etc., but for someone new, I can recommend The Commission Magnet for its depth of explanation about topics that are often mysterious for beginners. Leigh does a good job of explaining in an easy to listen to style.

Can You Make Money With This?

Well, yes, and no. I don’t think a newbie can make his or her fortune with it, but if you’re willing to put in a few weeks work by concentrating on this, and not grabbing the next shiny object, you may make a buck or two.

If you don’t make any money you will at least know how to work with Instagram, how to mess with Solo ads and how to set up a landing page among other things…but only IF you stick with it.

My only gripes were the first two videos. I know Leigh is an Internet marketer and promoting other peoples stuff is what makes him the real money, but my word, it isn’t half a drag!

Also the sales blurb say ‘make over $900 this week using a proven newbie friendly blah, blah, blah’…well you won’t make $900 this week if you’re a complete newbie or even a marketer who’s been around a while. It’s as simple as that.

For the Front End price of a few dollars I actually do recommend getting a copy of the Commission Magnet. (Yes, it shocked me too!) When you cut out the sensationalist sales crap and over excited promotion, it’s actually not a bad little course.

A confusing point for me is who is actually in charge of this course? I don’t see any mention of Dr Abdullah apart from the sales page? Also, Leigh is taking the course, but it’s Glynn’s image on the sales page? Both Glynn and Dr Abdullah are nowhere to be seen inside?

Ah, well.

Last word, and in my opinion, the Commission Magnet is more for informational purposes and gathering knowledge rather than for making a mint with. Treat it like that and it becomes a better course. Sales Page here.

The Commission Magnet
  • 8/10
    Quality Of Material - 8/10
  • 4/10
    Can This Be Achieved (For Newbies) - 4/10
  • 8/10
    Easy to Understand - 8/10
  • 4/10
    OTO's Value - 4/10
  • 9/10
    Front End Value - 9/10


There is some decent information inside the course that would be better used for gaining knowledge instead of making a ton of money. The sensationalist sales page and over selling irks me, but you can pay no attention to that and just gather what you’ve learned in the FE product for future use.

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