Installing WordPress From Inside cPanel

Installing Wordpress

Installing WordPress onto your brand new website is extremely easy. Don’t panic… it really is easy! A few years ago it was a bit of a chore. It was done mostly by uploading the files via an FTP client into files on your hosting account. You can still do it that way, but why would … Read more

Changing Nameservers For Your New Website

Change Nameservers

OK, you now have a Domain Name and a Hosting account. Now we need to point your Domain Name to that Hostgator account so the magic can begin. Many people get a bit confused with this part of the plan, but it’s really easy. Click the link inside your Hostgator email that sends you to … Read more

Set Up Website Hosting For Your Domain Name

Setting Up Hosting

Now you have your domain name, let’s go get some hosting. If the domain name is your home address, then hosting is your house. A postman goes to your address to deliver a letter. He’d be pretty miffed if he tried to deliver that letter to your address, only to find there was nothing there. … Read more